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When do you plant easter lilies indoors

When do you plant easter lilies indoors

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When do you plant easter lilies indoors?

I had these lilies in my office for a few years, I brought them inside. They are doing well still. What do you do if you keep them inside? I planted them in ground on the windowsill, but the roots are really woody. They also smell horrible, but I don't know why.

My lilies are in ground in my office windowsill, but I keep them inside throughout the summer months. They usually bloom in the late afternoon, but I occasionally take them outside for the day if it's nice. They are outside all winter.

When I bring them inside in the winter I keep them in my office, close to the heater and a couple of hours of natural light a day. I find they do well inside, except for the nuisance of having to keep the thermostat slightly higher in winter than outside to avoid mildew, so they bloom almost all winter, and I appreciate the extra light and warmth. I don't water much, about once a week. And they are healthy. If your lilies do well in this situation, you might want to experiment with keeping them outdoors in the same conditions in the summer, to see if that would be good for them. If so, make sure they have time to acclimate outside, so they will survive when they go back in.

IMO it's really a judgement call on your part. What works for someone else may not work for you. Some lilies just aren't meant to be indoor plants. The yellow lilies are one of them.

I like to have outdoor lilies, but I tend to get lazy. I started seeing one of my lilies looking sad and unmotivated and I just couldn't bring myself to let her go. So, I now have a spot in my garden that's all lilies, out in the sun and rain. I planted several varieties: Seascape 'Happy Blossom,' 'Famous Gold', 'Gypsy Gold', 'Garden Sweetheart', 'Garden Splendor' and 'Fantasy' as well as 'Hardy Lilies' and 'Mini Lily.' When I look out at my garden now, I see a jumble of gorgeous golden blooms all huddled together. And the memories of when I planted them all.

I've also noticed that a couple of them, in particular 'Garden Sweetheart,' tend to get quite a bit of spider mites. So, the one in my garden with a bunch of baby 'Garden Sweetheart' lilies and everything, has been plagued by spider mites the entire time. She's up to about 15 inches tall now, and she looks absolutely beautiful. But she was such a let down, with the rest of her family.

They look great, I must have 15 of those little gems but what is the perfect time to plant the indoors? It has been 65F here for 2 weeks now and will be staying at least another week. Do they need special care?

It really depends on where you're located. (What that means? You are probably in an area that has four distinct seasons.) The majority of us in colder regions plant our lilies when the weather starts to warm. You need to watch the weather very closely. It doesn't matter how old they are when they go outdoors, but some plants just aren't meant to be outdoors all winter.

I like to leave mine outside for the winter, but my wife has her lilies indoors year round. It has a drastic effect on how they bloom. I have two yellow lilies, 'Ava of the West' and 'Glenn's Pearl', and she has 'Paris Pride' in her office. They all bloom at different times. I'm not sure if it has to do with light, but one day I see 'Glenn's Pearl' has a bit of yellow growing on the edges of the buds. The next day I don't see it, and the next day I see the yellow is gone. And my yellow lilies have their yellow fully developed. My wife's plants never have yellow when they bloom, just white, with some purples and pinks mixed in.

It's been a great year so far, but my yellow lilies started to lose their color this fall and I think the little things might have died.

I just bought 3 new yellow lilies this spring, but will have to leave them outdoors until April or May when my current crop is about to bloom. They are growing nicely, but it will be hard to keep the light warm enough and the temperatures warm enough to keep their color this late in the season. I can't imagine having to cover them up in late fall though. I would hate to see them go bare again.

Ahoj! All I can offer is personal experience. My wife's yellow lilies are her indoor plants and have been for about eight years. She has two lilies in the window behind her desk, one right now and the other next spring. Both go out in the garden in the spring for the summer months and come in in the fall. I'm not sure what you want to know about the temperatures or the light. They are both in good condition.Obě lilie jsou ve světle, které svítí, když je místnost, s jedním zářivkovým svítidlem v rohu vedle nich. Ale žárovky jsou na místě už rok a místnost má přes 150 čtverečních stop.

Nechápejte mě špatně – žlutou lilii bych ve své kanceláři nikdy neměl! Jsou prostě příliš náchylní na roztoče! Stonky žlutých lilií mé ženy jsou silně ohlodané a některé listy jsou stočené a odumřelé. Žlutá je pryč a květy jsou nápadně bílé.

Když je zima nebo vlhko, může být žlutá lilie skvělá rostlina na zahradě. Ne do zimy nebo mokra tam, kde se jim nedaří.

Dobrý den: Chci vás informovat o své zkušenosti se žlutými liliemi. Těm v mé kanceláři, kteří jsou teď venku na zahradě, se daří mnohem lépe. Stále ztrácejí barvu, ale ne tolik, abych se obával, že budou